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The Battle for Jericho , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 4...
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2013 Rainbow Award-winner for Best Bisexual Novel A battle is brewing in the conservative little town of Webster´s Glen. Gay activist Dylan Cussler stirs up the establishment when he moves in with his boyfriend and sues the state over its gay adoption ban. Sixteen-year-old Jericho Jiles and his best friend, Mac Travis, decide to do their bit to convince Dylan and his boyfriend to leave town. But when Dylan turns up before they can finish trashing his house, Jericho panics, leaving Dylan unconscious and wounded. Drowning in guilt, Jericho returns to Dylan´s home to make amends. He is surprised when Dylan forgives him and opens his eyes to the world around him. Soon Jericho comes to a life-changing realization: he is attracted to boys as well as girls. That´s a problem, considering Jericho has a girlfriend and very strict, very religious parents. Accepting his sexuality means he must question not only his identity and his place in the world but his relationship with his girlfriend, his parents, and with God. And so begins the battle for Jericho´s soul. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Paul Morey. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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New Testament
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Jericho Brown´s The New Testament is a devastating meditation on race, sexuality and contemporary American society by one of most important new voices in US poetry. In poems of great clarity, lyricism and skill, Brown shows us a world where disease runs through the body, violence runs through the neighbourhood, and trauma runs through generations. Here Brown makes brilliant and subversive use of Bible stories to address the gay experience from both a personal and a political perspective. By refusing to sacrifice nuance, no matter how charged and urgent his subject, Brown is one of the handful of contemporary poets who have found a speech adequate to the complex times in which we live, and a way to express an equivocal hope for the future. ´Brown´s is a necessary art . . . To merge the private with the public so seamlessly is an enviable feat´ Antioch Review ´To read Jericho Brown´s poems is to encounter devastating genius´ Claudia Rankine

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