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The Highwayman: Larry Eyler, the Hoosier Highwa...
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If there was ever a man that could be considered the personification of evil and cruelty, it was Larry Eyler. He was purely evil. He even believed in demons, and, considering his actions, might have wanted to be one himself. One of the many serial killers who struggled with the fact that he was homosexual, Larry Eyler was the youngest of four children brought up in Indiana, often beaten by step-fathers and sent to live by his mother with a bunch of other families. Eyler, a house painter and liquor store clerk, stalked the streets of mid-western cities and towns of Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and Wisconsin, even though he wasn´t a ´´transient´´ by any stretch. He had three areas where he worked and played, as well as killed. He could be found in Greencastle, Indiana, where he worked in a liquor store, a friend´s place in Terre Haute, Indiana, and Chicago, Illinois, where he shared his space with not only his lover, but the lover´s wife and kids. Living this way gave him a wide area to find victims to fulfill his violent sexual needs. And when he would be satiated, he would take out his anti-gay sentiments on his victim, usually ending up with the victim dead of stab wounds while bound, and even dismembered. In March of 1982, it all began. And like transient serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, Eyler literally got away with murder because of his usual MO; never or at least very rarely killing in the same area twice. But unlike his counterpart, Eyler did not attempt to cover up his crimes with false confessions or lies; he was proud of what he’d done, and had readily admitted to his crimes upon capture. He enjoyed raping, torturing, and killing. This audiobook is not for the squeamish or weak of heart. It describes his crimes in vivid detail. If you are brave enough to go further, this is his story. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Scott Zdanis. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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